About Hudora

Tradition and innovation are the key characteristics of the HUDORA company. High quality, innovative products, and constant adaptation of the range in response to market requirements, these are the company’s assets leading to success.

Founded in 1919, the company had its breakthrough on the market in 1926, producing the first “ice skate in one piece”. Until well into the 1990s, HUDORA celebrated triumph after triumph at international contests like World and European Championships and Olympic Games as the outfitter of German top skaters. Specialized in anything that rolls or skates, HUDORA has developed along with ever-changing trends. In the 1950s, roller skates became the fashion, and in the 1980s, it was the roller skate and skateboard boom. As early as 1990, the first inline skates by HUDORA were available, and just in time for the subsequent scooter boom HUDORA developed a scooter that was declared test winner in 2001 by the consumer organization “Stiftung Warentest”.

Since 1999, HUDORA systematically has been expanding its range with regard to sports, games, and fun. Today, the available range of various brands covers a wide selection of leisure time products that encourage people to make active use of their leisure time and make them enjoy being “on the move”.

The Hudora brand is solid for a reason

Based on German technology, our trampolines are guaranteed to fill every expectation you have. Thats a promise.

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